Kühne is the central character in the story of Optography.

He experimented extensively with the aid of his assistants in the physiology department of Heidelberg University (see image at the bottom of this page). On receiving Gustav Erhard Reif’s eye balls, he set about uncovering The Human Optogram. His ‘Optographic Chamber’ was the starting point for my ‘Chamber’. His detailed experiments on a whole array of species of animal show numerous failures and limited successes in creating Optograms; observations of the shade of purple bleached on to the retina demonstrate a meticulous mind.

I am not sure I would have gotten on with Kühne as he appeared to be somewhat reactionary and also displayed sexism (not unheard of then) in preventing a female student from furthering her career in his department of the University,  declaring “never allow skirts in his lectures” with reference to Ida Henrietta Hyde (see image at the bottom of this page.)