The Optograms

(part two)


The Optograms of Dr Evangelos Alexandridis, 1975

Salvador Dalì

Dr Alexandridis with his assistant Thomas Klothmann performed many optographic experiments on rabbits.

See the description Dr Alexandridis gives of his optographic experiments in my

Encyclopedia of Optography



Dr Klothmanns 1975 thesis that describes the experiments he performed with Dr Evangelos Alexandridis

The following optograms are from Dr Klothmanns Thesis

Dr Uday B Sheoreys fundus camera photograph of Rhodopsin made in 1974 at The Institute of Opthalmology, London (Click image for further info or read my intro to the Encyclopedia of Optography


WDF Warszawa 72

Optogram of a flower (video Still from 16mm film), 1972

George Walds Rhodopsin dried on Gelatine photogram, Circa 1950, from his essay in the Scientific American, 1950