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Science or pseudo-science? Art form or the graphics of biology? The Encyclopedia of Optography is a fusion of art book and academic anthology, gathering together for the first time a collection of essays by some of the only writers on the subject.

Optography - a method for extracting and temporarily 'fixing' the last imprinted image on the retina at the moment of death. An archaic method shrouded in myth, yet was an early hope for forensic science.

A condemned young man, two scientists, Jack the Ripper, Salvador Dali and the only known human optogram are crucial leads explored here in the quest to uncover the truth and fascination behind the myth.

Encyclopedia of Optography is an art book and an anthology on the subject with contributors like Dr. Evangelos Alexandridis, probably the only person alive to have produced optograms in the 20th century. This extended and re-edited volume coincides with Derek Ogbourne's collaboration with The British Optical Association Museum, September 2008.

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